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Current Projects Out to Petition
  1. Palmer Lane, PVAS No. 3253

Projects Board Initiated or Passed Petition, waiting for BCC Approval
  1. 20th Street, PVAS No. 3025ERU Sheet and Estimate
  2. Beagle Road 2, PVAS No. 3209ERU Sheet and Estimate - Plans being prepared for SWFWMD Approval
  3. Edgewater Circle, PVAS No. 3118, ERU Sheet and Estimate
  4. Hama Drive, PVAS No. 3245, ERU Sheet and Estimate   
  5. Lacoochee Phase III, PVAS No. 3168, ERU Sheet and Estimate
  6. Mossy Oaks Circle, PVAS 3256
  7. Perdew Island Sub Division, PVAS No. 3259
  8. Rosedale Lane, PVAS No. 3249, ERU Sheet and Estimate
  9. Rosewood at River Ridge, PVAS No. 3252, ERU Sheet and Estimate

BCC Approved Projects awaiting construction
  1. Colonial Manor, PVAS No. 3236ERU Sheet and Estimate - BCC Initiated 03/29/16
  2. Forest View Drive, PVAS No. 3244ERU Sheet and Estimate BCC: 3/7/201
  3. Linda Lane, PVAS No. 3207, ERU Sheet and Estimate - BCC: 10/20/15
  4. Longshore Drive (4 Streets), PVAS No. 3299 ERU Sheet and Estimate - BCC: 01/12/16
  5. Modified Highlands No. 6, PVAS No. 3241, ERU Sheet and Estimate 
  6. Orangewood Village, PVAS No. 3238ERU Sheet and Estimate - BCC Initiated 03/29/16
  7. Orangewood Villas, PVAS No. 3239, ERU Sheet and Estimate - BCC: 04/26/16  
  8. Pasadena Heights, PVAS No. 3083ERU Sheet and Estimate
  9. Roxbury Drive 2, PVAS No. 3250ERU Sheet and Estimate  
  10. Wildwood Avenue, (between Chicago Ave. & Canton Ave.), PVAS No. 3093ERU Sheet and Estimate
  11. Wildwood Avenue 2 (from Canton Ave to Little Rd), PVAS No. 3247ERU Sheet and Estimate - BCC Initiated 

BCC Approved 2016 - 2017 Projects completed: Before, During and After Pictures

            View BCC Approved 2016 - 2017 Projects Completed: Before, During  and After Pictures