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Department Awards

 Mattew Hayes EOQ
              L to R Terry Goswick, Matt Hayes, Jody Kenyon, Randy TeBeest         
   Matt Hayes was nominated for Employee of the Quarter because he has demonstrated that he is a hard worker, he is dedicated to the Department, and he is driven to excel in his role as an ECO III.  He has stepped up to train other ECOs to become ECO IIs, he is a quick learner and is always willing to assist others when needed.  Matt maintains his professionalism when dealing with citizens and stakeholders. Great job Matt!            



 Dodd Star Performer
    L to R Randy TeBeest, Lyndsie Dodd, Michele Baker

Lyndsie Dodd was recognized by County Administrator Michele Baker and Assistant County Administrator Randy TeBeest for being a star performer at our Branch’s Quarterly Supervisor Meeting. Lyndsie was recognized for her dedicated work in the handling of an incident on April 13, 2015. 

On that day Lyndsie took a call on our non-emergency line from a man threatening to detonate a bomb and kill everyone in the hotel if he did not receive $ 100,000.00 within two and a half hours. Lyndsie stayed calm and treated the caller with respect while trying to gather as much information as possible for future use by investigators. Lyndsie did a great job of documenting everything she could hear and the information that was being relayed to her by the caller. Her performance was stellar and made a difference.  Congratulations Lyndsie on a job very well done!

Constellation Awards
 L to R County Administrator Michele Baker, Kathy Masterson, Ambere Johnson, and Assistant Administrator Randall TeBeest

Kathy took a call for a residential burglary, which was a neighbor dispute in progress.  Ambere was dispatching the units and read the "Hot file" on the subject which made threats to law enforcement and was potentially homicidal to a neighbor. Because of the quick actions by both of these ladies, everyone went home safe.   Kathy and Ambere were presented the Constellation Award.

Star Performer Award

L to R County Administrator Michele Baker, Lauren Bertke, and Assistant Administrator Randall TeBeest.

Lauren received the Star Performer award for her role in recognizing a patient was suffering a cardiac arrest after initially having a seizure.  Lauren walked the caller (who was the son of the patient) through step by step instructions on how to perform CPR. Because of her quick thinking helped in saving a life of this patient, so that he can spend another day with his family.

Dodd_Challenge Coin

L to R Sheriff Nocco, Lt. Olds, Lyndsie Dodd

Sheriff Nocco presents Lyndsie Dodd and Dan Dede with a Pasco Sheriff's Office challenge coin as a "thank you" in their efforts to keep Deputies and citizens safe during a high speed pursuit.

Dede_ Challenge Coin
L to R Lt. Olds, Dan Dede, Sheriff Nocco