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Regional Transportation Planning
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    Transportation Management Area (TMA) Leadership Group                                

    The role of the TMA Leadership Group includes developing regional consensus priorities, especially in the allocation of federal and state funds. The group will focus on major cross-county transportation markets and traffic movements, and on helping the Tampa Bay metropolitan area speak with one voice in discussions of regional transportation prioritization issues and financial resources. The TMA Leadership Group acts in an advisory role to each of the three MPOs.

    The group is comprised of three members of each MPO Board as voting members, and non-voting advisors from FDOT and TBARTA. The staff support group is comprised of staff of these agencies and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, the latter as needed.

    Meetings of the Tampa Bay TMA Leadership Group will be held approximately every other month, on the first Friday of the month, at 9:30 a.m., at a central location. Meetings of the TMA staff support group will be held by conference call at 1:30 p.m. on the first and third Fridays of the month prior to each Leadership meeting.  Each group will have a notification list by mail or email, and interested parties may request to be notified of meetings through their MPO.

    TMA Leadership Group Meeting Agendas
    Browse current and past TMA Leadership Group Meeting Agendas.
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    View 2017 TMA Meeting Schedule

    Tampa Bay TMA Profile April 2014

    Tampa Bay TMA 2017 Certification Report

    Plan Hillsborough (TMA)

    Forward Pinellas (TMA)

    MPO Chairs Coordinating Committee

    The Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC) was created in 1991 to address our region's transportation challenge on a regional, long-range basis. Issues such as personal mobility, access to jobs, goods movement, emergency evacuation, and growth management are some of the concerns addressed by the CCC. The Committee is comprised of the Chairpersons from Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Transportation Planning Organization (TPOs) and their affiliated, transportation-related organizations.

    The goal of the CCC is to prioritize and find ways to address the transportation needs of West Central Florida. The CCC achieves these goals through the support and cooperation of its member agencies, partner entities and advisory committees. The CCC develops regional solutions to transportation problems and ensures a consistent regional planning approach among the six member agencies. In that context, the CCC is responsible for the following activities:

    * Cost Affordable Regional Long Range Transportation Plan
    * Regional Congestion Management System
    * Air Quality Management System
    * Regional Multi-Use Trails Element
    * Major Investment Studies Coordination
    * Regional Data Sharing and Mapping
    * Regional Public Involvement Program

    Since 2010, the CCC has contracted TBARTA to provide organization and administrative services for the functions of the CCC.


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