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2017 Active Projects and Work Groups
The Planning and Development Department is overseeing several active projects, many of which have on-going interested party participation. This page provides an overview of these efforts.

Compact Walkable Communities
Compact Walkable Communities is a continuing effort that began with a February 18, 2014 kick-off meeting, to address the County's on-going effort to develop practices that promote Cost-Effective, Compact, and Walkable Neighborhoods, Communities and Places. Please see the Compact Walkable Communities page (or contact Matthew Armstrong, Executive Planner) for additional information.

Connected City Overlay Corridor
In April 2015, the Florida State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1216, establishing Pasco County as a pilot community for connected city comprehensive plan amendments, enacting Florida Statute 163.3246(14). The State Statute seeks the establishment of the connected city corridors to facilitate growth of high-technology industry and innovation through partnerships that support research, marketing, workforce, and entrepreneurship. The County is in the process of drafting and reviewing several documents to establish and implement this Connected City Overlay. Please see the Connected City page (or contact Matthew Armstrong, Executive Planner) for additional information.

Developer's Roundtable
The Developer's Roundtable meetings are held to facilitate cooperation and the sharing of information and ideas between County staff and the construction community as it relates to either horizontal site issues or vertical construction. These meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month (alternating between horizontal and vertical issues every other month) from 2pm to 4pm in the West Pasco Government Center, Basement Staff Development Room. Please contact
Gina Monti (Horizontal meetings) or Suzanne Bruton (Vertical meetings) for additional information.

Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC)
Organized in 2015, the mission of the Pasco County Food Policy Advisory Council is to facilitate the development of responsible policies improving access to culturally appropriate, nutritionally sound and affordable food produced in Pasco County. Its vision is "an equitable, resilient, local food system in Pasco County." Holding quarterly meetings, the group's membership is made up of community representatives, and is supported by Planning and Development Staff. Please see the FPAC - Food Policy Advisory Council page (or contact Matthew Armstrong, Executive Planner) for additional information.

Land Development Code Amendments
The Land Development Code is continuously under review and subject to potential amendments. Additional information is available through the Land Development Code Amendments webpage.

Land Development Code Interested Parties
The Land Development Code (LDC) Interested Parties group meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month to review the status of potential LDC amendments. Draft amendments are reviewed in advance of Board hearings. If you would like to be notified as an Interested Party, please contact Gina Monti.

Parks Master Plan
The County is in the process of reviewing a draft Parks Master Plan, which inventories existing resources to determine where improvements and new parks and/or amenities are needed. The elements of the Plan include great parks, public spaces, natural and cultural areas, greenways, blueways and trails. We recognize the importance of a vibrant, accessible park system to improve the quality of life of the County's residents. Please contact Justyna Buszewski, Planner II for additional information.

Stormwater Regulation Revision
In order to facilitate the design and review of stormwater facilities and infrastructure for development with certainty and predictability, the County is conducting a global review of the Land Development Code's stormwater management criteria to identify necessary updates. For additional information, please contact William Poon, Engineer III.

Vision 54/56
The Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has established a citizens-based Task Force approach to obtain input and direction regarding vision for transportation within the SR54/56 corridor. Click the following link for more Information regarding Vision 54/56.

West Market Area Redevelopment
The West Market Area (aka The Harbors) Redevelopment Project, addresses the ongoing effort to address planning for the area that includes the coastal and inland areas along U.S. 19 and Little Road corridors, from North County Line to South County Line. The Harbors Plan examines redevelopment and infill opportunities, identifies land use, infrastructure and economic development strategies, and creates an implementation mechanism for the Area, that largely focuses on promoting coastal opportunities, transforming U.S.19 into a livable roadway, and creating an infill community structure. Please contact Matthew Armstrong, Executive Planner for additional information.