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Water Conservation
Water Conservation


The following collections of tips will help you use water wisely in your home, work, school, or landscape.


          Watering the fence Broken sprinkler head

Did you know?
Even when used efficiently, sprinklers frequently account for more than half of the typical Floridian's water bill. Leaks, timer programming issues, and plant establishment can all result in even higher usage.


Did you know?
A recent study by the Water Research Foundation found that 13% of water "used" indoors was actually being lost to household leaks! In addition, only "about 5% of the homes monitored during the study had no leakage at all during the data collection period."
Source:Water Research Foundation, Residential End Uses of Water, Version 2
Graph - Indoor usage.png

Business Programs


Educational Resources / Links from around the web

A collection of links from around the web containing a variety of water-related educational resources and tools.

Student Poster - Water Awareness Program

The Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Award Program 
- Step 2: The Selection Process and On-site Evaluation -

Each year, The Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Awards Program recognizes a selection of outstanding examples of Florida-Friendly Landscapes from across the Tampa Bay Region. Visit to learn more about the program and this year's evaluation of entries received for 2017.

If your landscape meets the basic criteria for the awards based on your application (Deadline: June 30, 2017), a local Florida-friendly landscaping representative will contact you to schedule an on-site evaluation of your landscape and irrigation.

On-site evaluations typically take place during July, August and September and award recipients are notified shortly thereafter.

Judges look for landscapes that balance attractive design with water-efficient irrigation, creating a positive impact on our water resources, native wildlife and aquatic environments.



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