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Electrical Inspections

PAUL CAMERON - 1-8-18.jpg
   Paul Cameron
Chief Field Inspector Electrical
727-847-8127 ext. 8399 
         C 727-207-4920

Electrical Inspections

Responsibilities and Services

We have the responsibility of providing top quality electrical inspections to satisfy the requirements of the National Electrical Safety Code and ensure a Safe environment for our Citizens.

We provide commercial electrical plan review and have staff available for walk through permits, daily from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Our online permitting is growing substantially. As of now we have available:

1)      Residential Electrical Service
2)      Electrical addition to AC change out permits
3)      Low voltage Alarm System permits

"Permits applied for on January 1, 2018 and later must comply with the 2014 version of the National Electric Code."

Please access the link shown below for the most prevalent code changes.:

Stay tuned to this page for further updates to our online permits.

Electrical Inspectors

Paul Cameron, Chief Field Inspector (Electrical), office - (727) 847-8127, cell - (727) 207-4920, e-mail: 

Robert S. Barbee, Field Inspector II (Electrical), cell - (727) 267-7477, e-mail:

Peter Baraw, Field Inspector I (Electrical), cell - (727) 809-0399, e-mail:

John Burns, Field Inspector I (Electrical), cell - (727) 267-3430, e-mail:

Dennis Harmon, Field Inspector I (Electrical),  cell - (727) 267-7834, e-mail:

Herbert (Dan) Kimbrell, Field Inspector II (Electrical), cell - (727) 267-4278, e-mail:

Terrance McKenzie, Field Inspector II (Electrical), cell - (727) 267-6515, email:

Herbert (Clay) Tomer, Plan Review, office - (727) 847-8126, cell - (727) 359-9756, e-mail:

Joseph Urban, Field Inspector I (Electrical), cell - (727) 514-0849, e-mail: