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Household Hazardous Waste
           Don-t flush medication

Safe Disposal of Medication

Expired or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications should never be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet or drain. Although this method of disposal prevents accidental ingestion, it can cause contamination to Florida's aquatic environment because wastewater treatment systems are not designed to remove many of these medications.

In conjunction with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, New Port Richey Police Department, Dade City Police Department, Pasco Detention Facility, and Pasco County ASAP, you can safely dispose of unused/unwanted medication in secure drop boxes.

For recommended disposal method and sites to drop off unwanted medications, follow this link, Disposal Sites

If unable to visit a safe site drop-box, you can alternatively follow these seven steps:

1. Keep medicine in the original container to help ID the contents if accidentally ingested.

2. Mark out your name and prescription number for safety.

3. For pills, add water or soda to start dissolving the medication. For liquids, add something inedible like cat litter or cayenne pepper.

4. Close the lid and secure with strong tape.

5. Place inside an opaque container like a coffee can or laundry detergent bottle.

6. Tape that container closed.

7. Hide the container in the trash.  Do NOT put in the recycle bin.

For additional information on medication disposal, please visit

Hazardous Waste - Overview
Pasco County offers many environmental and hazardous waste programs for homeowners and businesses. Some of these programs have been ongoing for years and others are developed as new environmental issues come to light. All programs are oriented towards achieving one major goal: to protect human health and our environment. Several of these programs target human health and the environment directly while others reach this same goal indirectly.

Pasco County invests lots of time and energy educating our county residents, young and not so young alike, through the school system for youngsters and through workshops, associations and civic clubs for our adult population. The County provides speakers to lecture on a variety of subjects and can accommodate residents interested in touring some of our facilities.


Hazardous Waste is a component of the integrated and comprehensive solid waste management system for the citizens of Pasco County.

Our goals are:

  • To address hazardous waste levels generated in order that residents and small businesses of Pasco County may dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally-safe manner and remove such materials from the municipal solid waste stream.
  • To apply industry-acceptable methods of preventing marketable raw materials from entering the waste stream.

Additional Activities

In addition to our formal programs, County staff participates in numerous public events including Earth Day, the County Fair, Coastal Cleanup, Health and Safety Expos, planned Amnesty days, Risk Management meetings and other public activities.

Contact Us
Charles Ryburn
Environmental Hazardous Manager

Utilities Administration Offices
19420 Central Blvd.
Land O' Lakes, FL 34637
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Ph: (727) 847-8041
      New Port Richey
Ph: (813) 235-6012 ext. 8041
      Land O' Lakes 
Ph: (352) 521-4274 ext. 8041 
      Dade City 

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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