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Garbage Pick-Up
County Garbage Pick-Up

Pasco County does not pick up your garbage. There is a competitive, open market system for garbage collection in this county. Haulers compete for your business. Your household garbage and recyclables are picked up by a hauler you pay directly – or in some cases, it’s your Homeowners Association (HOA) or CDD that pays directly for you.

You must sign up with a hauler in order to receive curbside garbage and recycling service.

If you get curbside service, whether you are an individual or an HOA/CDD, you are eligible for both garbage and recycling service. Haulers are required to offer twice-a-week garbage pickup and at least twice-a-month recycling pickup. Your recycling day will not necessarily be the same as your garbage day. Call your hauler for a schedule for both services.

If you do not purchase curbside service, you may obtain residential dumpster service. Not all haulers provide dumpster service. Size of dumpster and frequency of pick up are determined between you and your hauler. Dumpster service does not include recycling.

All forms of garbage may be dropped off at county Solid Waste facilities. If you need large or bulk items transported or have special wastes, please call your hauler for assistance. For additional information on this, please contact Pasco County Solid Waste at (727) 856-0119. Or go to the Solid Waste & Resource Recovery (Landfill) link on this page.

Phone Number
County Recycling, Inc. (888) 522-5794
J.D. Parker & Sons, Inc. (727) 845-1024
Progressive (east & east central) (352) 583-4204
Progressive (west & west central) (727) 847-9100
(727) 849-3333
Republic (727) 868-2566
Waste Aid (813) 996-1457
or (727) 842-9309 
Waste Management (813) 621-3053
 or (800) 255-7172