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Capital Improvement Projects for Utilities

Pasco County Utilities’ Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) include customer service (CS), road (RD), reclaimed water (RW), solid waste (SW), wastewater (WW) and water (W) projects within the County’s service area. These projects are essential to accommodate the County’s growth; expand, modernize, and improve existing facilities; and renew and replace aging infrastructure.

For additional information on these projects, click on the appropriate Division or Project Number.

 Div.  Project #  Project Name  Phase
 CS  04-030.00  Administration & Customer Service Operation Building  Construction
 CS  12-010.00  Fiber Optic Network Support  Completed
 CS  11-013.00  Utilities Customer Information and Billing System Purchase  Ongoing
 CS 14-011.00  Shady Hills Warehouse Facilities  Completed
 RD  03-022.00  SR 54 Road Widening (I-75 past Curley)  Completed
 RD  03-036.00  CR 54 (Wesley Chapel Blvd) Road Widening (N of SR 56 to N of Magnolia Blvd)  On Hold
 RD  07-038.00  FDOT US 19 Continuous Right Turn Lanes (Pinellas Cty to Marine Pkwy) Phase I  Completed
 RD   07-038.02  FDOT US 19 Continuous Right Turn Lanes (Marine Pkwy to SR 52) Phase II  Construction
 RD   07-038.03  FDOT US 19 Continuous Right Turn Lanes (SR 52 to New York Ave) Phase III  Construction
RD  07-038.04  FDOT US 19 Continuous Right Turn Lanes (New York Ave to Hernando Cty) Phase IV  Construction
RD  08-037.00  SR 52 Utilities Relocation  Construction
RD 95-022.00  Ridge Road Utilities Relocation  Construction
RW  04-070.00  Boyette Road Reclaimed Water Storage Reservoir  Construction
RW 06-095.00  Central/East Reclaimed Transmission Mains - US 41, SR 52, Old Pasco Rd Phase II  Construction
RW 09-007.00  Natural Systems Restoration-Crews Lake  Study
RW 13-018.00  The Groves RCW Supply and Storage Pond Improvements  Construction
 RW  13-027.00   Wesley Center WWTP Valve Replacement (CROM tanks only)  Procurement
 RW  14-016.00  Embassy Hills Additional RRIBS  Design
SW 09-012.00   East Pasco Sanitary Landfill Closure Phase I  Construction
SW  12-019.00   West Pasco Resource Recovery Facility West Pasco Recycle Transfer Station  Design
W  07-018.02   Meter Installation and Change Out Contract  Construction
WW  06-046.01   Forest Hills Pump Stations and Sewer Improvements  Construction
WW 06-051.00  Northwood Wastewater Master Pump Station  Design
 WW  06-052.00  Cowpath Force Main and Master Pump Station Renovation  Close Out
 WW  07-022.00   Power Line Corridor 36" Force Main  Construction
 WW  07-023.01   Timber Greens Master Pump Station  Construction
 WW  10-009.00   Deer Park Master Pump Station  Construction
WW 11-022.00   Shady Hills Sludge Belt Filter Presses (Biosolids Handling Conversion Project)  Completed
WW  13-024.00   Land O' Lakes Disc Filters Installation  Procurement
WW  13-022.00   North Central Booster Pump Station  Procurement
WW   14-005.00   Wesley Center WWTP Rehabilitation and Expansion  Scoping