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Other Water Restrictions for All Water Sources
New Plant Material - Lawn & Landscaping
New plant materials may be watered for a 60-day total establishment period.
  • From day 1 to day 30, new plant material may be watered any day of the week.
  • From day 31 to day 60, new plant material may be watered 3 days per week.

Ending in: 
Days You May 
Morning Hours   OR Evening Hours 
1,3,5,7 or 9 Monday, Wednesday
and Sunday
12:01 am - 8:00 am   OR   6:00 pm - 11:59 pm  
0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
12:01 am - 8:00 am    OR   6:00 pm - 11:59 pm  

  • New lawn or plant areas only.
  • Exemption begins on the day of installation.
  • On the day of installation, new turf/grass or plant material may be irrigated once without regard to the allowable watering times.
  • An entire zone of an irrigation system may be used if the zone waters an area that contains at least 50% new plant material.
  • Partial zone or dispersed plantings shall be watered by some other, more targeted means of supplemental irrigation.

For tips on efficient water use when establishing new turf, please visit:

Pressure Washing
  • Pressure washing is allowed for painting or maintenance.  Annual pressure washing as part of a planned maintenance program is acceptable.

Car Washing & Car Wash Fundraisers
  • Car washing is limited to once per week in the designated watering day for the location.
  • Fundraisers held on behalf of nonprofit organizations are allowable.
  • Participants must use water in an efficient manner.
  • Low-volume methods only must be used, such as a hand-held hose equipped with a trigger (self-cancelling) nozzle.

Rinsing of Boats and Flushing Boat Engines
  • Allowed after each use as necessary to remove salt water or to prevent the transportation of exotic plant or animal material.

Trees, Shrubs, Flowers & Vegetables
  • Hand-watering is allowed as needed. 
  • A shut-off nozzle or other water efficient device must be used.

Lawn Chemicals
  • Irrigation to water in necessary lawn chemicals is not restricted when required by the chemical manufacturer or required by law.
  • Chemical applications shall be watered during authorized watering hours and on regularly designated irrigation days when possible.

Spot Treatment
  • Lawns may be spot-treated without regard to the normally allowable watering days or times, but only by hand-watering or other targeted, manual means.

Low-Volume Irrigation
  • Landscape beds (or groundcover other than lawn) may be irrigated on an as-needed basis without regard to the normally allowable watering days or times if low-volume, targeted irrigation methods are used (drip irrigation, micro-irrigation, etc.)

Irrigation System Testing and Repair
  • Your irrigation system may be operated for testing and/or maintenance with an attendant on site in the area being tested – no more than once per week and one test should not exceed 10 minutes.

  • No special or extra watering is allowed for over-seeding an existing lawn.

Vertical Mowing (Vericutting)
  • Extra watering of turf/grass may occur on any day of the week for a 14-day period after a vertical mowing procedure.

  • Restaurants shall only serve water upon request.

Wasteful and Unnecessary Water Uses
  • Allowing water to flow from an unattended hose.
  • Hand-watering a lawn on a restricted day of more than once a day, except when used for spot treatment.
  • Hosing down a driveway or solid surface when a dry method could be used.
  • Hosing down a structure when a dry method could be used.
  • Allowing water to flow from a broken sprinkler head, outdoor faucet, malfunctioning plumbing or irrigation system after receiving verbal or written notice.   

For Additional Information or Questions
Please contact a Utilities Customer Information & Services representative at: 

New Port Richey
Ph: (727) 847-8131
Land O' Lakes
Ph: (813) 235-6012
Dade City
Ph: (352) 521-4285