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Stormwater Management
Storm Drainage System
water scene

Pasco County's storm drainage system is designed to carry stormwater runoff caused by rainfall. A major goal is to resolve existing stormwater runoff control problems and prevent new problems from occurring. Stormwater runoff problems can cause pollution of our water bodies, soil erosion and flooding.

Protecting Our Water Quality
One of the greatest sources of water pollution is caused by polluted stormwater runoff and illicit discharges. Only rainwater is allowed in storm drains, everything else is considered an illicit discharge. The Stormwater Management Division is responsible for ensuring that our stormwater runoff and discharges do not pollute the waters of the United States. The division enforces the County's ordinance which prohibits illicit discharges entering into the County’s storm drainage system. 

The division's role in protecting the quality of our water includes the responsibllity for meeting requirements mandated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for reducing stormwater pollutants in our water bodies. Pasco County holds a NPDES permit issued by the the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.