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Stormwater Management
Responsibilities of the Stormwater Management Division: It is the Division's responsibility to design, construct, maintain and improve the County's drainage system which includes all drainage-related infrastructure in unincorporated Pasco County. The Division's engineering and design activities are located on Grand Boulevard while the operations side of the Division is located in the Public Works Department building on Little Road. The overall Division goal is to protect the public's safety and welfare through the proper collection, conveyance and storage of stormwater runoff through new and existing drainage flow-ways. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program of engineering projects, natural resources protection, drainage infrastructure maintenance and public involvement.

The Division has four functional areas of responsibility which are Operations and Maintenance, Capital Improvement (CIP) Projects, Program Management and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Compliance. In 2008, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved acceptable Level of Service Designations for each area of responsibility.

1.    Operations and Maintenance: The BCC approved Level of Service (LOS) for this program is “C” which means maintenance should be based on inspections. This program includes the inspection and maintenance of the County's drainage assets. Also included is aquatic weed control in County waterways and retention/detention ponds, mowing of public road shoulders, roadside swales/ditches as well as mowing dry retention/detention basins. This program also includes the maintenance cleaning and repair/replacement of other drainage assets such as pipes, inlets and catch basins. An active and currently contracted Litter Control Program involving the mechanical sweeping of select roads and road intersections is also covered by this program.

Program Management: The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) defined a LOS value of “C” for this program, as noted in the above description. This LOS means that the Stormwater Management Division should have priority planning and partial capital improvement capabilities. Program management includes the overall administration and planning of the Stormwater Management Division as well as the County's Stormwater Utility Fee. Also included is the implementation of drainage studies for the Watershed Studies.
2.    Capital Improvement Projects: This program involves the identification of drainage-related capital project needs for the construction of new stormwater assets in the County. Input for this program is usually obtained from Watershed Master Plans or plans that are related to regulatory permit requirements or staff evaluation of specific flooding and other similar complaints. The BCC has defined a LOS of “D” for this program which means the Stormwater Management Division will need 74 years to implement all currently identified capital needs, as noted earlier. 

4.    NPDES Permit Compliance: The BCC approved  a LOS value of “C” for this program which means the Stormwater Management Division should have minimal permit compliance. The permit requires compliance with all applicable water quality regulations related to stormwater runoff. The Stormwater Management Division's NPDES responsibilities include working to ensure that all County Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) are functional and well maintained.

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