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Development Services
Mission Statement
Welcome to Development Services
Engineering Services Administration is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of the Pasco County Transportation Capital Improvements Program (SOP).  The transportation projects include new roads, improving existing roadways, addition of turn lanes and traffic signals at intersections, bridge work, and construction of new sidewalks and multi-use trails.  As part of this programming effort, projects are prioritized based on capacity deficiencies, safety and operational needs, and funding availability.  In addition, Engineering Services Administration administers the School Infrastructure Program and the Penny for Pasco; and, pursues grant funding opportunities for transportation while working with the Florida Department of Transportation and other partners. The County Engineer provides professional engineering expertise to internal and external customers, and suggestions for alternative design and construction strategies.   

In addition, the County Engineer provides
Programs administered by Engineering Services include:

1.    Project Management of the Transportation CIP (Project Management/Design/Engineering Inspections/PVAS).
2.    Resurfacing and rehabilitation of the County's collector and arterial roadway system (Project Management/Design/Engineering Inspections/PVAS).
3.    Paving Assessment associated with the resurfacing and reconstruction of local paved/unpaved collector roadways whose costs are paid by the affected residents (Project Management/Design/Engineering Inspections/PVAS).
4.    Construction and Engineering Inspections associated with Capital Projects, residential and non-residential development and Right-of-Way Use Inspections that enable a resident, developer or utility to work within County Right-of-Way (Project Management/Design/Engineering Inspections/PVAS).
5.    Development and update of traffic signal computerization, traffic signals, warning flashers and school flashers, as well as the operation and maintenance of roadway lighting on Pasco County collector and arterial roadways and the State Highway System (Traffic Operations).
6.    Operation and Maintenance of the Advanced Traffic Management Cytosome and all traffic signals, warning flashers and school flashers (Traffic Operations).
7.    Design and contract management for signs and pavement markings on resurfaced arterial and collector roadways (Traffic Operations).
8.    Location, identification and analysis of all reports of traffic crashes in the County (Traffic Operations).
9.    Administration of the Traffic Calming Program (Project Management/Design/Engineering Inspections/PVAS and Traffic Operations).
10.    Review of parcel, lot and easement configurations (Survey).
11.    Preparation of Maintained Right-of-Way maps (Survey).
12.    Administration and management of the Corridor Preservation Ordinance and land acquisition for Capital Projects (Real Estate).
13.    Environmental Lands Acquisition and Lands Management activities (Environmental Lands).  

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Don L. Rosenthal
Assistant County Administrator

8731 Citizens Dr., Suite 320
New Port Richey, FL 34654
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Ph: (727) 847-8140
Fx: (727) 847-8084

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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