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Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Comprehensive Plan Ordinances
As the County's vision changes and grows, the Comprehensive Plan will continue to go through a series of amendments. When these amendments are adopted and until the updates are deemed effective and incorporated into the document text, the associated Ordinances can be viewed here.

Comprehensive Plan Revision History

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits

Chapter 1 - Administration Element

Chapter 2 - Future Land Use Element

Chapter 9 - (Reserved)

Chapter 11 - Capital Improvement Element


Evaluation and Appraisal Review (EAR)
As per Chapter 73C-49, F.A.C., at least every seven years, local governments are required to review their Comprehensive Plans to determine if amendments are needed to reflect changes in state requirements. In 2013, it was determined that Pasco County's Comprehensive Plan is in compliance with such requirements.

Pasco County Letter of Notification, May 13, 2013
DEO Letter of Notification, May 22, 2013

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