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Pasco Incentives
Job Creation Incentive
Job Creation Incentive
Pasco County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Pasco County Job Creation Incentive Ordinance to promote the attraction and expansion of target industries or businesses within Pasco County. Following is a summary of the ordinance:

Application for the Job Creation Incentive must be submitted prior to making a location decision.

Companies must meet one or both of the following industry classifications and meet the job creation requirement:

Primary Target Industry:
Pay an average annual wage of at least 115% of the prevailing Pasco County average wage of 
$33,543 (As of January 2015 this amount is equal to $38,574) 

Must sell at least 51% of products or services outside of Pasco County

Must sell at least 51% of products or services outside of Pasco County

Qualified Target Industry:
Businesses serving multi-state and/or international markets and that create new jobs at greater than the annual average wage of Pasco County.

Job Creation:
The project must result in a minimum of 10 new full-time jobs in Pasco County within one year of the project completion.

Qualifying companies are eligible for the following:
Average Wage                                Incentive/New Job 

$38,574                                            $2,000 
$41,928                                            $3,000
$50,315                                            $4,000 
$67,086                                            $5,000 

This award can be used in addition to any qualifying State program.

Expedited Permitting and Plan Amendments for Target Industries
Expedited processes can be used for businesses either relocating or expanding to Pasco County or for businesses already residing in Pasco County which need to expand.

Completed applications along with supporting documentation must be submitted to Pasco Economic Development Council for consideration by Pasco County Board of County Commissioners. An economic/cost benefit analysis and comprehensive plan compliance review will be completed for a complete incentive package by staff.

Econonmic Development Transportation Fund
The Economic Development Transportation Fund, commonly referred to as the "Road Fund," is a State incentive tool designed to alleviate transportation problems that adversely impact a specific company's location or expansion decision. The award amount is based on the number of new and retained jobs and the eligible transportation project costs, up to $3 million. The award is made to the local government on behalf of a specific business for public transportation improvements.