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Emergency Pet Friendly Shelter - Where is the shelter located?
The 2012 Pet Friendly Hurricane Shelter is located at:

The Mike Fasano Hurricane Shelter
11611 Denton Avenue
Hudson, Florida 34677

Pre-registration is not required.

The Pet Friendly Hurricane shelter is for the pets of people that reside in
Hurricane Evacuation Zone
A, B, or C.

It is strongly recommended that the Pet Friendly Shelter be used only if you cannot make any other arrangements. The shelter has limited space for pets (cats and dogs only) and there is a limit of two pets per household. You are required to care for your own pet, bring supplies (including a crate and leash) and provide proof of vaccination when checking into the shelter.

Dogs should wear the required Pasco County License on their collar.

Cats should have an optional Pasco County License on their collar or another tag with identification information.

Owners should bring proof of current vaccinations .

Owners must provide proof of current rabies vaccination for their cat and dog (1 yr or 3 yr).

The Pet Friendly Shelter is not a boarding facility! You must stay at the Mike Fasano Hurricane Shelter and be available to care for your pets. If you leave the shelter without taking your pets, the animals will be considered abandoned and will be surrendered to Pasco County Animal Services in accordance with the Animal Services Ordinance or policy.

Mike Fasano Hurricane Shelter

Animal Services

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