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Animal Services 

(813) 929-1212

(813) 929-1218

Name Title Email Phone
Shumate, Mike Animal Services Director (813) 929-1212
Paloff, David Animal Services Assistant Manager 813-929-1212
Mienke, Lise Shelter Supervisor (813) 929-1212
Reeves, Morgan Adoption Coordinator (813) 929-1212
Ceisluk, Andrea Education Coordinator (813)929-1212
Altman, Ronald Animal Services Field Supervisor (813) 929-1212

Office Staff 

Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Name Title Email Phone
Snyder, Debra Administrative Assistant (813) 929-1212
Simpson , Joanne Data Entry Op. (813) 929-1212
Hicks, Patsy Education Program Assistant 813-929-1212


Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Name Title Email Phone
Keirnan, Jennifer Animal Control Officer 813-929-1212
Chowning, Stephen Animal Control Officer (813)929-1212
Douglass, John Field Training Officer (813) 929-1212
Drake, Lorraine Animal Control Officer (813) 929-1212
O’Keeffe , Martin Rabies Control Officer (813) 929-1212
Rivera, Julio Animal Control Officer 813-929-1212
White, Mike Animal Control Officer (813) 929-1212
Downes, Danielle Animal Control Officer 813-929-1212


Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Name Title Email Phone
Abtey, Lisa Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
Caruthers, Cheryl Animal Care Tech II (813) 929-1212
Lamson, Troy Animal Care Tech II (813) 929-1212
Dewalt, Bobbi Customer Service Specialist II (813) 929-1212
Every, Jessica Animal Care Tech I
Ray, Michael Animal Care Tech (813)929-1212
Ickes, Stella Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
Hopkinson, Karri Animal Care Tech (813)929-1212
Martin, Stephanie Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
Lennox, Britney Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
Ritter, Melissa Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
Keim, Bridgett Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
McRae, Heather Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212
Boughter, Anthony Animal Care Tech 813-929-1212

Vet Staff 

Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Name Title Email Phone
Smith, William DVM 813-929-1212
Riley, Faith Dr. 813-929-1212
Floyd, Joe Vet Tech (813)929-1212
LaBarbera, Christina Vet Tech (813)929-1212
Moksay, Jessica Vet Tech (813)929-1212
Burger, Kelly Vet Tech 813-929-1212
Botticello, Gina Vet Tech 813-929-1212