The good things that chemicals bring into our lives have become indispensable to us. Although major chemical emergencies are extremely rare, there always remains a chance that one will occur in our community despite the precautions that have been taken by the chemical users / producers and emergency responders.

1940s Hazmat gear

Knowledge of how to respond safely and appropriately to hazardous material emergencies greatly lessens the chance of serious injury and brings peace of mind.

Hazardous Incident Team

The Division of Emergency Management is the county department responsible for the oversight of the Pasco County Hazardous Incident Team (HIT). The HIT is an inter-agency team comprised of Emergency Management, Fire Department, Sheriff's Office, Health Department, Code Enforcement, and private industry personnel.

The team is positioned throughout the county, and is capable of responding to all types of hazardous incidents including CBRNE / WMD events.