PCAS Park Walks

Come join us and explore our beautiful county parks! You're welcome to bring your own dog, but make sure that they're comfortable and fit enough to walk for an extended period of time. Don't have your own dog?  Not a problem! PCAS staff and volunteers will have adoptable dogs participating in the walk and would love the company. All of the PCAS dogs that participate in Park Walks are available for adoption.

Park Walk Start Time

All Park Walks start at 9am. Please plan to arrive early enough to allow yourself time to find parking and for your pet to settle. 

Rules for Participation

Please be sure to adhere to the following rules. Persons who fail to comply may be asked to leave.
  • All dogs must be on leash. No flex/retractable leashes are permitted.
  • Clean up after your pet. Waste bags will not be provided.
  • Dogs are not allowed face to face contact.
  • Bring water and bowls for your pet.
  • One pet per handler at all times.
  • Prong or electronic collars are not permissible.

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