Speculative Shell Building Program

Speculative Shell Building Program - What It Is. Why It Works.

Many times, Pasco County receives inquiries for basic buildings with a large square footage requirement. One way of making Pasco County more competitive in the site selection process for companies needing an unfinished space, is to provide financial assistance to private developers or land owners to construct a building that may sit vacant for an unspecified amount of time. Having a "shell" building on a site decreases the amount of time necessary for a new or relocating business to begin full operations from a site - it can reduce this time by a year or longer, depending upon the site's conditions and permitting needs. Speed to market is often the final decision making factor for a company to locate in one area within a region.

A speculative shell building is a building or structure without a tenant or buyer for the purpose of attracting an employer or end user which will complete the building to the employer's or end user's specification for manufacturing, processing, or warehousing of a product line.

Combined with a strong marketing effort and an array of economic development incentives, having readily available space allows Pasco to capitalize on our important geographic, demographic, communications, and infrastructure resources.

With the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund, Pasco has developed a program to partner with private land owners, developers, and businesses for a Speculative Shell Building Program and to market available space. This section of webpages explains the process, and provides access to the necessary forms and contact information in an easy-to-understand format.

Building Spec Space

To apply for this program and funding, please review our Office of Economic Growth policy and application:
Application Material (PDF)