Pasco County Commission on Human Trafficking

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The purpose of the Pasco County Commission on Human Trafficking is to 1) promote public awareness of the existence of human trafficking within Pasco County; 2) establish, through relationship building within the community, education programming opportunities for the public and key industries to recognize the indicators of human trafficking and learn to report suspected human trafficking; and 3) advocate strategies, financially and otherwise, to aid rescued victims of human trafficking.


The Pasco County Commission on Human Trafficking shall be composed of a County Commissioner, two representatives of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office with one being an officer with the Child Protective Unit, a representative of the Pasco County School District, and 5 other individuals, each representing at least one of the following segments of our community:

A. Community/Victim Services
B. Tourism Industry
C. Hospital/Medical Profession
D. Religious Institutions
E. Human Trafficking Community Advocate


Notice of regular or special meetings of the Commission and the time and location of each meeting shall be published to the public. The Commission shall establish a schedule of regular meetings, which shall be held at least every other month. A schedule of each year's regular meetings shall be distributed to all Commission members in December of the preceding calendar year. The Chairperson may call a special meeting of the Commission on his/her initiative and shall call a special meeting at the request of any four (4) members. Commission meetings shall be held in a public facility of sufficient size to accommodate those present and at such locations as the Commission may determine from time to time.

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Commission on Human Trafficking Pamphlet (PDF)

Commission on Human Trafficking Spanish Pamphlet (PDF)