Lost and Found

If You Have LOST a Pet:

* Visit the shelter to visually look for your missing pet

* If your pet is chipped, contact the chip company to ensure all information is up to date

* Create lost flyers and post them in your area

* Create a report on one of the following websites:



Check Petango!

All animals impounded at the shelter are posted right away. If you think one of them is your missing pet, come to the facility to make sure.

Lost/Found Cats:

The shelter does not typically accept stray & feral cats as there is no leash law for cats in the county. Cats that are accepted must meet specific criteria.

Criteria for Cats:

*Cats found outside that are declawed (front, back or both)


*Too Young/Too Old to fend for themselves

*Cats that have bitten or scratched a person

Additional Resources: 

Facebook and Craigslist are helpful resources for advertising/searching for your pet. Look for pages about missing/found pets in Pasco county on Facebook and check the Lost/Found and the For Sale section on Craigslist.  

If You Have FOUND a Pet:

*Visit the shelter to have them scanned for a chip

*Post flyers in your neighborhood

*Surrender the pet to the shelter so we can attempt to find their owner (cats will need to meet specific criteria)
*Fill out a decline to release form and keep the pet at your residence while you look for the owner

*Post on Facebook and Craigslist

*Post on Lost/Found Pet websites