Upcoming Academy Schedule of Sessions

Session I - Presentation Materials

Getting to Know Your County Government

PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

Session II - Presentation Materials

Constitutional Officers (Part I)

Clerk of Courts Presentation (PPT)
School Board Presentation (PPT)

Session III - Presentation Materials

Constitutional Officers (Part II)

Tax Collectors Presentation (PPT)
Supervisor of Elections Presentation (PPT)

Session IV - Presentation Materials

Legislative/Administrative (Part II)

Strategic Policy Department Presentations (PPT)
Organizational Performance Management Presentation (PPT)

Session V - Presentation Materials

Internal Services (Part I)

Internal Services Branch Presentation (PPT)

Session VI - Presentation Materials

Internal Services (Part II)

Office of Management and Budget - Budget Game (PPT)

Session VII - Presentation Materials

Public Services (Part I)  

Public Transportation Presentation (PPT)
Human Services Presentation (PPT) 
Pasco County Health Department Presentation (PPT)

Session VIII - Presentation Materials

Public Services (Part II)

Animal Services Presentation (PPT)
Community Development Department (PPT)
Elderly Nutrition Division (PPT)
Veteran Services Division (PPT)
Cooperative Extension Division (PPT) 
Parks, Recreation & Natural (PPT)

Session IX - Presentation Materials

Development Services (Part I)      

Planning and Development Department (PPT)

Session X - Presentation Materials

Development Services (Part II)

Building Construction Svcs, Engineering Svcs, & Public Works (PPT)

Session XI - Presentation Materials

Utilities Branch

Solid Waste; Operations & Maintenance; Engineering; Customer Services; and Administration/Support Services (PPT)