Toilet Rebate Program

Ultra Low Flow / High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program

Toilet flushing accounts for 26% of total indoor water use.

Lower your usage and your water bill by replacing your high-flow toilet with a High-efficiency (HE) toilet. It's simple, just follow these steps:

Ultra Low Flow Toilet

How to Apply

Request an application from the program administrator at

1 (800) 964-2140.  Upon verification of your water account information, you will receive an application and the program policy and procedures in the mail. Complete the application and proceed with the purchase and installation of the HET(s). Submit the completed application and HET original unaltered sales receipt(s) to the program administrator at:

Pasco County Utilities
Ultra Low Flow Toilet (ULFT) Rebate Program
P. O. Box 6905
Spring Hill, FL 34611

The program administrator will schedule an on-site installation verification with you to confirm that each installed HET (1.28 gallons per flush or less) under consideration for the rebate has replaced a high flow toilet (3.5 gallons per flush or more). DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE OLD TOILET(S) TANK LID PRIOR TO THE ON-SITE VERIFICATIONS. Disposal of the old toilet tank lid is the responsibility of the program administrator.

After successful completion of verification, you will receive the appropriate rebate(s) of up to $100 for the first toilet and up to $80 for the second toilet. The rebate will be applied to your water bill.

How to Qualify

  • The HET(s) must replace high flow toilet(s) and be verified by the program administrator.
  • You must be a Pasco County Utilities water customer.
  • You must be the owner of the property where water service is delivered or secure the owner's signature on the application.
  • Your home must have been constructed prior to 1995.

Whom to Contact

  • Prior to installation, please contact the Pasco County Utilities Ultra Low Flow Toilet (ULFT) Rebate program administrator at 1 (800) 964-2140.
  • Rebates are available on a first-come first-served basis and are subject to funding availability.

This program is cooperatively funded by Pasco County and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Toilet Rebate Program Flyer