How to Get a Pasco County License Tag

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Pasco County Code of Ordinances Chapter 14 requires annual licensing for your pet. Most Pasco veterinarians and some neighboring county veterinarians sell the tags if your pet receives the rabies shot from their clinic.

All others can purchase the tag at the Animal Services facility in Land O Lakes or through the mail.

Required by law for dogs and cats four (4) months of age or older

Dog License Fees

1 year Spayed/Neutered Dog - $10.00
1 year Non-Altered Dog - $35.00
3 year Spayed/Neutered Dog - $27.00
3 year Non-Altered Dog - $100.00

Replacement Tag for lost tag - $5.00

Cat License Fees

1 year Altered Cat - $5.00
1 year Un-Altered Cat - $15.00
3 year Altered Cat - $12.00
3 year Un-Altered Cat - $40.00

Replacement Tag for lost tag - $5.00

To Obtain a License, You Will Need:

A copy of your pet's current rabies certificate. (not the invoice)

Proof of spay/neuter (if applicable).

Check or Money Order payable to Pasco County Board of County Commissioners (PCBOCC)

License Application (PDF)


  1. Due to veterinarian requirements, license tags are to be sold only where the rabies vaccination was administered.
  2. All others must apply directly to the Animal Services Division, by mail or in person, providing proof of their current vaccine status.
  3. Pasco County Ordinance acknowledges both one year and three year vaccines when administered by a licensed veterinarian.

The following tags are available only through Animal Services.
Pet owners can apply in person or via mail.

Non-Vaccinated Animal Tags

Animals that cannot be vaccinated due to temporary or permanent medical conditions must still be licensed. Pet owners must provide a written medical exemption from a veterinarian on letter head and apply for a tag in person or by mail to Pasco Animal Services. Do not sell regular license tags for unvaccinated animals (Chapter 14-96(B)-2 County Ordinance). The fees are the same as above.

Replacement Tags

When an original license tag is lost, replacement tags are available only through the Animal Services Center. The fee is $5.00. If handled by mail, the pet owner should include a note and the original license number.

Mail Check or Money Order Payable to:
Pasco County Board of County Commissioners
Pasco County Animal Services
19640 Dogpatch Lane
Land o Lakes, FL 34638


Veterinarians in Pasco County and the surrounding counties may apply to use the Pasco Electronic Animal Registration & Licensing (PEARL) online system to register county dog/cat license tags as they issue them to their clients.

Request PEARL information by calling (813) 929-1212 or send an email request.