On-Site Parking

Parking Spaces

All parking spaces shall be ample in size for the vehicles for which use is intended. The parking space area per vehicle, exclusive of any driveway or other circulation area, shall be accessible from a street, alley, or maneuvering area, and shall not be less than:

  • Standard: 9 by 20 feet
  • Compact: 8 by 18 feet
  • Smart Car (or other like vehicle): 8 by 16 feet
  • Motorcycle: 4 by 12 feet
  • ADA 12 by 20 feet with 5 feet access aisle

There shall be adequate provision for ingress and egress to all parking and loading spaces designed for use by employees,

customers, delivery services, sales people, and/or the general public. Where a parking or loading area does not abut on a public right-of-way, private alley, or easement of access, there shall be an access drive per lane of traffic provided, and not less than fifteen (15) feet in width in all cases per Section 907 (PDF)-On-Site Parking.