Temporary Use

Temporary Uses

  • The following uses may be permitted temporarily (for a period of up to four weeks in any six-month period) after issuance of a zoning permit by the zoning / code compliance administrator and any necessary building permits by the Building Official:
    • Christmas tree and tent sales.
    • Facilities for the transshipment, processing, fabrication, or manufacture of materials for public works projects may be permitted as temporary uses during the construction periods of specific public works projects so long as such temporary uses do not cause adverse effects on adjacent lands or uses.
    • Carnival, circus, music festivals, and street fairs.
    • Mobile amusements, banners, and lighting equipment for promotion, advertisement, and grand openings.
    • Tent revival meetings.
    • Other uses that are deemed appropriate by the zoning/code compliance administrator.
  • Before issuing a permit, the county staff shall determine that the site is adequate for its intended temporary use according to the following:
    • The proposed activity is in compliance with all safety, health, and environmental standards, and is not detrimental to the surrounding area.
    • The site is of a sufficient size to accommodate the intended temporary use.
    • Safe and orderly flow of traffic can be ensured.

Applications for temporary uses are submitted to the Zoning and Site Development.