Your Project & Your Site Development Team

Pre-Application Meetings

It is our goal to help your project proceed as smoothly as possible and for you and your team to have a pleasant experience developing in Pasco County. To accomplish this, a Pre-Application Meeting is required prior to submittal of any site development application.

Request a Meeting

Pre-Application meetings are held each Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. To be scheduled, a Meeting Request Form (DOC) and any applicable documents must be submitted to the Zoning and Site Development Department (ZSD). At the time of your request, you will be given the next available appointment time. The Pre-Application meeting will be scheduled in one-hour increments. If additional time is needed, please note this on the request. Meeting times are assigned in the order requests are received.

If a full application is not submitted for your project within six months of the Pre-Application meeting, a new Pre-Application meeting will be required prior to any permitting.

Please note that for Developments of Regional Impact, Applications for Development Approval and related applications such as Notices of Proposed Change, all Pre-Application meetings are scheduled through the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council; however, a Pre-Application meeting prior to such Pre-Application meeting may be scheduled with County staff.

Site Development applications may be submitted to Pasco County anytime after your Pre-Application meeting.

The Land Development Code will also answer questions you may have.

What to Expect at the Pre-Application Meeting

Meet Your Team

A Site Review Team (SRT) will be assigned to your application and will attend your Pre-Application meeting. This team will be your main point of contact throughout your project.

Who Should Attend

Any person associated with a development proposal may attend the meeting (property owner, business owner/manager, design professionals, etc.). In addition to the SRT, representatives of the Utilities and Emergency Services Departments will be available to attend the meeting. Other Pasco staff members may attend if needed.

At the Meeting

At the meeting, you will be provided with a variety of general information regarding Pasco County’s application requirements and processes, contact information, applicable codes, applications and current fees. When possible, County staff will provide information unique to your property or proposal and will be available to answer questions.

Minutes of the meeting will be provided after the meeting to attending applicants. In certain instances, staff may request more information be submitted or feel the need to check current regulations and meet with you again.

Staff cannot predict the outcome of any development permit application. A favorable response from staff does not obligate any decision-making body to a desired outcome. Staff will provide the best advice available given existing regulations and information submitted.

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