Trilby/Lacoochee Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Updates

This page details the efforts undertaken to implement the Lacoochee-Trilby Strategic Master Plan (PDF), and outlines the partnerships that have been developed between the Local, State, and Federal governments, community members, and business organizations.

For further information, please email Michelle Miller, Community Development Specialist.

Cool Community Award Nomination

Pasco County has submitted it's nomination for the Lacoochee/Trilby neighborhood as part of the Alliance for Innovation's TLG Innovation Study for "Community Building". The case study (PDF) is posted here.

Rural Community of the Year Award Nomination

The Community being nominated for the "Rural Community of the Year (PDF)" is the Lacoochee-Trilby Community, a 2.5-square-mile area, consisting of three neighborhoods: Lacoochee, Trilby, and Trilacoochee. Please check out the Lacoochee Community Center Floor Plan (PDF)and Lacoochee Community Center Site Plan (PDF).

Strategic Planning Process

View History (PDF) of Strategic Planning Process, Including:

  • Previous Board Agendas
  • Public Meetings
  • Other Useful Information Regarding the Planning Process